ive been looking around the blues and jazz thread and i didnt really find what i was looking for. does anyone know any songs or artists that do smooth fast jazz sorta like youd see in a night club maybe example (skip to 1:40)
it would be very much appreciated if you could help me out
Hi tom
I wouldn't at all consider that example "Smooth Jazz", more like "solo guitar jazz" played very smoothly.

So if you are looking for a solo guitar jazz player, than Joe Pass is always a good place is start. He's one of the masters.

I give that guy props though for being able to shred good and clean, then play a nice solo jazz guitar thing .
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George Benson has made many ventures into the smoother commercial side of jazz while remaining a seriously ripping player - Wes was his mentor.
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I don't consider trane smooth by any means - I find a lot of his music very challenging to listen to (a good thing)

You don't find him smooth? What about Greensleves or My Favorite Things?
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Well you can't compare early Coltrane to sheets of sound Coltrane...
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Good point there. But he also shouldn't be seclusive. Some of his catalogue is smooth, some isn't. But it should be noted that he has more than 1 smoothly played composition.
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I won't deny that he has played some very smooth stuff, and I do really like his ballad playing from time to time -

but sheets of sound coltrane is the coltrane I primarily listen to and is the sound I identify with him.

Plus there are many tenor players that generally use a much smoother style than trane (they're from a different time period too, one with less pyrotechnics) - Lester Young and Stan Getz come to mind.

anyway I'm not saying don't listen to coltrane I'm saying that there are better introductions to jazz.