Havent posted on this site in a really long time. Ive been writing alot and stuff but this one is probably my least favorite. Just wanted to post something for the heck of it to see if this was worth my 15 minutes! It might be kinda hard to understand but i guess thats why i wrote it...

If autumn showers and lighting bolts
wont stop a woman's heart then what could?
Electric shots, a thousand volts
Bullets and splitting wood.

Hyperactive typhoons
and Trailor park honeymoons
Pack your bags and just go!
Am I naitive eskimo?

If shotgun shells and turtle bells
wont catch a woman's eye then why
why oh why would I?

22. bullet cases and
RAINING fire and
RAGING wire and
and twenty two bullets in hand

Who was Homer anyways
Who cares these days
If this life is an odyssey
then where's my penelope

If my hands cant touch her hands
then why make wedding plans?
Im a ghost in the rain
phase through, i am vain

Smell taste touch feel
See what is real
But its these senses that i berate
none compare to loveless hate

If a woman's eyes wont stop my heart
I know what would
Shotgun shells, Hells bells
RAINING fire and
RAGING wire and
splitting wood
Or at least it should.