I just got a new electric guitar - I have limited music background - I was in band growing up but hated the instrument I got stuck with and never practiced.

I've had the guitar for about three weeks and have been practicing 1 - 2 hrs per day. I got the Fender Learning Electric Guitar DVD with Keith Wyatt which starts out by doing the following chord transitions:

  • E A D Power Chords
  • E A D Major Chords
  • G C D Major Chords
  • E A D Minor Chords

I know the answer is practice, practice, practice...but what is a reasonable / typical time it will take me to learn to transition between these chords quickly? I haven't had much problem with the individual chords but have been spending about a 1 week with each group of chords but I can only do slow progressions (strum 4 times and then transition). I get all fumbled up when trying to speed up.

Just keep at it, took me a few months of trying, if you focus enough you can be comfortable within a month.
I'd say a month or two as long as you practice regularly.

Faster if you practice all the time.
It just depends. Some people might get it in a couple weeks, other people might take a couple months. Just relax and enjoy playing, and it'll all come together. If you put a timetable on it you just dissapoint yourself if you don't hit it in time, or get an ego trip if you hit it way sooner. Just keep practicing and know that it'll come.
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