anyone watch this show on A&E?

i think its pretty interesting. im watching it right now actually. the house the are at is probably about 20-30 mins from where i live. they just showed a door swing open on its own. the other episode i watched had a kid who was seeing this dead guy named Tim. he even pointed him out in a picture. really weird.

so, anyone else watching it/enjoy it? feel free to discuss other ghost/paranormal stuff if you want.
The show is stupid. The guy that hosts it sounds and acts like a douchebag.

It all seams way too fake and bull**** to me.

Just no named people trying to get some extra money and be on TV, thats it.

I'm sure it will be canceled soon.
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Quote by DieGarbageMan

^they dont seem to be faking it to me. i mean, theyve been doing it for 6 years or so, and they were chosen to do the show for a reason. i dont think they would fake it, because if they did people would find out pretty quick, and the show would totally fail.

i personally believe there are ghosts and spirits, and that people see them. therefore i have no reason to doubt that what they do is authentic.