I have a part in my song where its fairly mellow. I want the guitars to stop at the end of the bar and then in the next bar they let ring and slowly swell and then i have a heavy chorus. My question is how to i get that swell. Also im recording direct in cakewalk sonar 6.
You need to use fades.
Either automate a fader to do the movements you want, or if its possible in Cakewalk play with the envelope of the region. It's pretty easy once you figure it out.
Yeah, depending on how many tracks, you may just want to automate each one. But if there are a lot of tracks you need to swell, you may be better off sending each one to a bus and then automating the bus.

You basically do this buy choosing Arming the volume control for automation on the track, and then choosing record automation, and manually adjusting the slider as the song plays. You could also use snapshots, and just show where you want to volume level to be at each bar.
^Yep. I second sending the necessary tracks to a bus and automating the volume for that bus so that it swells when you need it too.
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