So when i first started learning guitar i watched the "Speed Kills" DvD and i eventually started picking up the Economy picking and got descent at at. Now i cant Alternate pick solely alone, it just feels odd after learning to economy pick, and it also feels alot slower. Well its nice and all, but alot of times when i play songs i tend to do mostly a combination of Inside picking and economy. After watching songs i notice alot of people play songs with strict straight down , outside picking, straight alternate. I try to do those but economy is the only thing that feels right for me. I also think its slowing me down since i get stuck inside picking alot. Inside picking kinda screws me up. Im descent at times and terrible at times when i tend to hit the 2 strings instead of one on say a downstroke. Example song would be Unholy Confessions by Avenged Sevenfold. So should i just keep at it and keep practicing, or Try learning different technique's even tho i think economy is better than most. Any one else strictly economy pick? And do you have problems with being stuck inside picking alot?
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i have no ****in clue what you're talkin about...i dont know what economy pickin and all that **** is....all i do is just play lmao