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I recently bought an Ibanez RG320FA in transparent red. This guitar like most ibanez rg models has a floyd rose tremelo bridge. I know a floyd rose bridge is meant to stick out a little bit at the back, but on this guitar it looks like it's sticking out so much i can't do a dive-bomb.

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THat's a picture of it. Is this normal or is this wrong? Would I be able to Dive-bomb on this guitar? If no, what would I have to do to change it?
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Like above said it may be that it has been tuned wrong, you would need to adjust the screws on the base of the guitar (where the springs are located), then try to tune it again. The idea is to try to get it in tune with the floyd rose ending up parallel to the body of the guitar. Took me a few hours to figure out first time, but stick at it and you'll get it. Remember to stretch the strings well before attempting to tune a floyd rose, that was my major problem
Make sure ur tune is on standard tune. If it already like that on standard tune meaning there 2 possibilities.
1. The spring need to be change. (But as u said u just bought it recently I expect it is new, i dont think this is needed, unless u bought used guitar)
2. Need to tighten up the tremolo spring behind your guitar, u have to open the back cover fist. For this case u need to re-tune your guitar as much as u adjust the screw.

By the way I know some trick to adjust the screw and then get the tune the fastest way, it is so technical to explain. I got no time to tell u here