Just wondering...in what sort of order did most of you learn your chords in. Starting with what chords before moving on to what?

In your opinions what is the best routine for learning your major, then minor and so on chords?

I would just like to see how many different ways alot of people start, b/c I see often many opinions on exactly which ones to start on.
Well basically, I learned most of the open basic major chords first (A, C, D, E, G). I tried to learn F, but I wasn't able to pull that off for a while. Then, I went on to learn power chords. Then, I went on to learn barre chords, which also took me a good while to master. But then, one day, it just came to me out on nowhere, and I was like "Holy ****, I'm playing some barre chords here, lolz". Then, after all of that, I learned most of the open basic minor chord shapes (Am, Dm, Em), and a few 7th chords. I guess I would recommend learning the open minor chords BEFORE barre chords, however. Then, like 3 years later (aka, now), I started to learn all the theory behind it, and how to form even more chords.
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