Wow Thanks for sharing!! There are some nice new guitars in the list! I really like the Prophecy series the Futuras looks great.

Some nice additions there. That Korean site is a little off though, as they're still listing a few guitars that Epiphone will officially stop making in 2008, but eh.

I'll be interested to see those new Ultras and the additions to the Elitist range, especially the Studio. It'll be interesting to see if the Elitist Studio uses the same **** body as the Gibson and regular Epi versions.
i like the look of the nick valensi riviera if thats one of the new ones
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It's just because the pictures are ridiculously huge.
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that black les paul ultra looks really nice
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Idunno about you guys but I kinda like the look of this new guitar: http://www.epiphone.com/press/PROPH_EM2CstEX-MS.jpg

Except for the inlays..
And the "EpiActive" pups, but maybe they'll be good?

edit: the explorer looks "wrong" ... did they change the shape?
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I am REALLY liking that Prophecy Futura EX.
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