I'm thinking about switching the pickups in my MIM strat. What I want for the bridge pickup is a really fuzzy type of sound. I basically want it to sound like ...And you Will Know Us By the Trail of the Dead and British Sea Power. Some song I want it to be like are Another Morning Stoner, Relative Ways, How Near How Far(for Trail of Dead) and Fear of Drowning, Carrion(for BSP). I don't really know how to better explain it than those songs sound.

For the neck I want to get a light RHCP sound like in Under the Bridge or Snow (Hey Oh).

I have no idea about the middle pickup, as long as I get those sounds. Also, it would be a plus if the strat could also do a decent Jimi Hendrix style sound. I am completely lost when it comes to pickups, so any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, for the amp, it will probably be a small 5-15w tube amp that I will be getting for christmas.

Also, first post here even though I've been lurking for a week or two now.
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It depends on what amp you get.

Wait 'til you get the amp and then see if you want new pickups.
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To be honest I think you just need a decent amp and a fuzz pedal...I don't think you need new pickups at all.

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