Right, basically....

My maths coursework is due in 2moro, if i dont hand it in, il faiL!...

I need to use excel to make graphs! cant draw them out - dont ask...

my excel is some part of microsoft works which is just a load of bollox.

i need a free excel download!
icant find one... it needs to be free

i dont care if its a trial.. as long as it gets me my work done...

If i dont pass maths, im gonna kill myself...

please help me?

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Excel IS the Microsoft program. There's no other "Excel" program.

Similar ones yeah, but not "Excel".

Just do it in Excel. It's not that hard, and to be fair, you really shouldn't have left it this late if you can't do it.....
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Download something called Autograph, that's what I used for my A2 coursework for maths.
You can draw graphs from formulae easily and even derivatives and the like
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If i dont pass maths, im gonna kill myself...

Call his bluff. No one help him.

What are you trying to draw though?

For most stuff on Excell, just type in (down the way) all the x-axis co-ords, then in the next column the y-axis. Click and drag a box round this and then click chart wizard and choose whatever one you want. Hint- it's usually scatter you want, not line, even though you may want it to draw a straight line graph.