I was just wondering how this effect is achieved? I've heard on CDs before where one song finishes but blends directly into the next track on the CD and I was wondering if anyone has accomplished/knows how I could go about creating this effect?

I use Cubase SX to record and (usually) Nero 7 to burn CDs, is there anything else I need?
I know winamp can play tracks like that bit CDs are different.

You need an audio editor like Audacity.
Import the audio and bring each song to it's own track in the program.

Overlap the songs a little and use the "fade in" and "fade out" FX in the program.

Some tweaking should get a nice effect.

edit, I have not used cubase before but i'm sure it will do the same as audacity with the fades so you may want to just try some things out on that...
Thanks for the reply

I'm ok with the actual fading of the tracks into each other, sorry, i should've worded the question better

How can I get it to play one into the other like that onto the CD? I need to get rid of the gap between the track changes - I was wondering If anyone knew the technique behind doing that?
if you don't want any gap but still a dissolve type effect just push the two song tracks close together so theres no dead audio time between songs.
you can do this by keeping each song on its own track so you can move each one.
The thing is once you do this the whole CD will be one track..I dont see any way to have it any other way.
have been googling this for ages and have just found the soloution

am now writing the cue sheets that are needed. you burn them with the audio data to tell the cd player how much gap (among other things) to leave between playing each track.

thanks anyway man
What program do you use to burn CD's?

Most will allow you to change the time in between track changes (the default on most is like 2 seconds!)

Windows Media doesn't, so take care.

EDIT: haha, I should really read all of the posts in the thread!
Well basically, once you mix down all the songs you need to mix all those tracks together with each other, and do all your fading/transitions...etc, and then from that mix, splice it up into your tracks for the CD.

Essentially this is the mastering process of the production.
yep i did it on my ep
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