I was looking into this pedal and it seems to be getting some good reviews. However I was just wondering whether it really WOULD be worth getting.

I already own a delay pedal, and my amp has reverb built in. Is there any reason to warrant me getting an EHX Holy Grail?
If your built-in reverb is not footswitchable you could add versatility. The HG has two other interesting settings: Hall and Flerb. The Hall reverb effectively duplicates playing in the hall. Different than spring reverb, very tasty. The Flerb setting is an interesting psychedelic sound reminiscent of slap-back reverb or phasing.
It depends. Do you use reverb a lot? Do you find that the reverb on your amp is good enough? It's a good pedal, but it's not a necessity. If you're happy with the amp reverb, then you don't really need it. It's fun to play with, but I'm not sure that alone justifies buying it.
i always have my amps reverb on, then i use the holy grail for extra reverb, its definatly worth getting it
What's with some people saying their Holy Grail hisses like mad and others saying it's dead quiet? I'm just curious here, and I guess it'd contribute somewhat to TS too.
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Speak to beckyjc, she has one and i don't think she has issues... (she has issues, but we're talking noise issues...)

I'm joking of course, Becky doesn't have issues...

Geoff has issues, like a foot up his arse problem. >=(

Tbh, if i didn't get the grail when I did, I very much doubt I wouldve got it in this point of my rig development, the laney has quite tasty reverb (Same with the LC). But tbh, I do love the versatility of the grail. And I don't use the amp reverb anymore. So I am glad I got it despite that. But it is by far my most used pedal.

The spring is awesome for adding a bit of character to your clean sound, it really gets that surfy feel, the hall is wonderful with distortion, works extra nice with delay. And the flerb is flanger and reverb, its fantastic, actually probably my favourite sound. A nice "dark" kind of reverb with slight warbles. Fantastic for like psychedelic stuff.

It's also as quiet as a mouse. I like it better than the amps reverb, and if you think reverb is an important part of your sound, then go for it.
so pretty much not an essential effect, but a nice addition that you never really want to get rid of.

thanks for the help all, I'm pretty much decided I'll get one now