Anyone here have one of these? I'm in the market for a new guitar, and really liked the looks of it. I have not found one to play though, which is why i'm asking all around opinions of the guitar. I tried an EB Musicman and didn't like it. The neck felt to short length wise, especially compared to my Les Paul.

I tried one of those Laguna things for like $500, and was really impressed with it. I even liked the tremelo system that was on it.

I really didnt want a fender and I want something with a nice tremelo. What are some good guitars that will fit? I want to to be able to play eruption on it, well just the tapping parts, I would like a guitar that can do that, and my paul just doesn't seem cut out for it.

Any suggestions, or is the wolfgang worth getting?
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Jackson. Kelly, King V, Rohads, Warrior or Soloist. Jackson's are great for tapping, by personal experience, and they have a hudge variety of models within those so try them out. Either you like H-S-S, H-H, S-S-S, H-S-H, H-H-S etc, they have all the convinations, and make shure the one you chose has either a Licenced Floyd Rose or an Original one, they are both grat.
You can tap on any guitar, dude.

As for trem guitars, have you looked at ESP, Jackson, Ibanez?
my mate has 2 wolfgangs and they are really nice. the neck is more thick than a fenders and the scale length seems a little shorter as well. it stays in tune very well also. another thing to consider, the wolfgangs do not have contours for arm or body, they are just a 'slab' body which i dont find comfy at all but my mate does.

depending on budget there are many guitars you could try:

cheaper models are the low end Ibanez RG's low end ESP's and low end JAcksons'

more budget will buy you those same guitars but not base models plus maybe a charvel, wolfgang, a nice washburn etc,

a high budget of over a thousand (GB pound) will get you pretty much any Ernie Ball Music Man guitar, a Floyd Rose Redmond USA Series (i have one and it would be perfect for your style), any high end jackson, high end ESP high end charvel, high end Ibanez etc, and even a custom guitar such as a Vigier, Pete Back or an Ed Roman.
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