Hey all, after many years with my trusty P-bass I am looking to upgrade to a much drooled over sterling. Wondering if anyone has any input as to which pickup arrangement is best. I have seen a couple options.. the HH, HS, and just your standard. Would really appreciate any wise words on the subject. Thanks all!
Both HH and HS will give more tonal variety than the single hum bucker.

The HH will give more humbuckerish sound at the neck, the HS will sound more like a jazz.

TBH for this sorta thing you need to get your hands on all 3 varieties and pick which one you prefer.

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I recently started playing again in a cover band to occupy some time and just get back out again. We play mostly rock, classic and some current. Like I said I have an old P-bass that I threw active pickups in a long time ago. I does good, but time to grow up a bit. I use a hartke 3500 with a 4x10 transporter and also an old school Yamaha 18 that sounds amazing. Then it is all complimented with a (must have) tech 21 sans amp. I think no matter what option I go with that EB will really help out...