I play hard rock, rock, alt. rock, soft rock, and classic rock...basically all rock haha, BUT I like to play clean a lot, softer songs and such...

I love the hellraiser, but I dont know how well it plays light music...I'm also thinking about the Tremonti SE, which I like because its cheaper...

Wut do you guys think? Feel free to suggest other guitars under $500.
ibanez sz series

basically the same guitar, but they look so nice
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the hellraiser is a nice guitar, but it's pretty cliche. so many people have bought that guitar due to the convenience of having EMG's already installed.

personally, I would check out the Singlecut SE's from PRS. better color options and it's the same guitar, but it doesn't have some creed dork's name on it.

the Singlecut/Tremonti will be the best in terms of versatility and they're sexy guitars. I used to own the Santana SE, and it ripped. I used it for a metal band and it got the job done with stock pups. but you can always upgrade the pups to a more suitable combo if you want.

I was ready to buy a Singlecut SE about 6/7 months ago. I went in Elderly Music, which they carried whale blue singlecut SE's. but I never experienced such terrible customer service, so I pulled out the wad of hundreds in my pocket as I let them know that I would never knowing hand over any of my money to them.

on the other hand. with the Schecter, you could always swap out the 85 in the bridge with a more clean-friendly 60.
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^ actually, the tremonti is more versitile than the singlecut. its got a volume and tone knob for each pickup, instead of just one tone knob and one volume. and tremonti is a pretty nice guitarist, a lot of his stuff with alterbridge is really good.
ya, thanks for the info, thus far...on a side note, I am a HUGE fan of tremonti, but that's not why I'm looking at the guitar....
does anyone have an idea of how the tremonti SE sounds clean?
well the song in my profile is the tremonti SE clean, so you could listen to that if you want. i think it sound really nice clean and with some gain. not a fan of high gain, so i dont know how it works in that department.

i actually bought the guitar before i started listening to tremonti, just because its such a nice guitar.
i checked it out, sounds pretty nice...another concern I have is the neck width...
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I havent played it yet, but that makes me nervous, I know a friend who dropped $800 on an acoustic, and could barely play it because the neck actually hurt to play.
The guitar is amazing clean Mine gives you crisp notes and a nice low end but that all depends on how you have it set up...i normally have it in lead and i raised the bridge pickup to get closer to the highs and the neck pickup to the lows for more gain....thats nice for metal playing. I love mine...it works for everything from metal to blues to country to just jamming. its an all around versatile guitar. PRS's are great guitars.
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i really like the hellraiser, but it is more for metal and heavier stuff than you like
son the tremonti or any LP will be good for you