Great rock n' roll kind of band from the Bronx. Part of that whole CBGB's scene, but they don't seem to get as much attention as their contemporaries.

I think their best record's Go Girl Crazy, "Two Tub Man" is such an awesome song.
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What I've heard from was pretty good. I'll probably give them another listen soon.
I was under the impression that the Dictators were more of the Max's scene.

I like em. Hate Handsome Dick though.
I love the Dictators. I love every song on Go Girl Crazy, except maybe Master Race Rock and Cars and Girls, though those two still have their moments. I have Blood Brothers too, and it's also very good, and what I've heard of Manifest Destiny is nice. Ah, great band.
yeah the Dictators are ****in damn good Rock n' Roll.

Go Girl Crazy is in my bin of albums to get right now.
I love all forms of Rock 'n' Roll, past and NOT present
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