so I need to write a story about anything .
i have no ideas

what does UG think I should write my paper about
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Write a story about how you went on a guitar forum to ask for ideas on a story.
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You know a music scene is fucked up when it becomes difficult to keep track of who killed who, who committed suicide and who alledgedly engaged in cannibalism.

HAHA!! I have to do that for a 20 page book. you think you got problems?

anyway write your story about writer's block and all who are affected by it
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steal my idea:

Yames Brond (James bond parody) works at seven eleven as a clerk. he loves action movies and Twinkies. so one day after watching casino royale he trys the fighting techniques on the nearest aggressor: the stupid slow Mr.slushie machine. his boss Harold Unharming threatens to fire Yames unless he can get 5000 dollars to fix it.
Yames is looking in the paper for a way to make money when suddenly he sees an ad:

"Make 5000$$$ fast by working in secret government stuff!!!1!"

Yames sends in the tear off sign up slip and gets his money. his job is safe. for now.

so four years pass and yames is suddenly hit with a fright; twinkies are canceled! he gets as many as he can but he eventually runs out.

then one night as Yames is sleeping he is awoken by a stiff yet sexy breathing. a man in a govermenty suit is waiting with a large box! what is in the box? a time machine!

this is where the story gets nuts and stuff. ill leave you to think of the rest. this was just a little outline of my story (A-) i left oout characters and little important details but yeah if you want it is there.
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Write a story about a man who wants to steal the ring of a pop band's drummer so he can sacrifice a woman. And everyone in it should be blazed.
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