Hi all,

In Cowboys from Hell, the very first guitar riff in the song... is Dimebag picking each note? If so, I suppose I can't pick that fast yet, but I was wondering if he is or if he's hammering so of those notes.

i believe he picks them all
but what do i know?
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he picks everything exept the second to last note each time through

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i pick every note when i play, although when i play it i start on the 7th fret of the A string, as opposed to the 12th on the low E.

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When the song opens, he's palm muteing up to the hammer ons. Yeah he picks all of it..'cept the hammer on from 13 to 14.
thanks for the responses guys, I'm going to have to work on this one...

shubes: i've also seen it tabbed that way
Dimebag pick's almost every note in all his songs. When I copy his stuff I have to add in my own leggato to make it work otherwise it is near impossible. Good Luck!!!