Hi guys! Haven't been here since april

I came up with a melody the other day, so I made a little clip out of it tonight that turned out pretty groovy: http://folk.ntnu.no/andrerav/div/mysteriesangen.mp3

I can't help but feeling there's something familiar with this melody. Either I have thought of this melody before, or heard something similar. Anyone recognize it?

(In case anyone wants to know: guitar is a stock $100 Peavey Predator Exp Plus from eBay, amp is a Toneport UX2)
that's pretty awesome man, i don't really know what song is sounds like though. also, the quality is amazing, nice job!
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Dunno sounds something like John Petrucci would play like in Liquid Tension Experiment, his solo album or in Dream Theater. Try check some of the songs out
what the hell did you use to record this, it sounds either fake or amazing. drums/synth everything?


It sounds very much like Edguy/maybe even masterplan. it reminds me alot of their style, never heard the melody before though, i dont think.
sounds wicked, yea once again what did you use to record this? did you play all the instraments? sounds like Celesty
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Wow guys, thanks for the feedback! And I agree, the melody sounds somewhat like Petrucci (he has those base-tone-picks, dunno what they're called) and Kamelot too (kinda-sorta like the solo in The Haunting? Maybe?).

I'll try my best to list the equipment and software I use:

Guitar is as mentioned a $100 Peavey Predator Exp Plus I picked up from eBay. It looks like this: http://sportsfiske.nu/foto/arkiv/16085/39528.jpg (I have an Ibanez RG 520 QS with DiMarzio Air Norton and SD Distortion, but at the present time I prefer the Peavey for some reason).

Preamp is a Line6 Toneport UX2 plugged into my computer, with a custom preset using the Line6 Treadplate amp sim. I can upload the preset if anyone is very interested, but keep in mind it's tailored for the Peavey, but it did sound great with my strat too.

The bass guitar is a VSTi known as Broomstick bass. Using the electric-progressive-something-or-the-other-preset, and beefed up a little with eq.

Drumkit is DFH (Drumkit from Hell, also a VSTi) with a 14" snare, can't remember which one ATM but I think it's the Sonor.

And the ambient background is Edirol Orchestral VSTi.

For arranging I use Renoise 1.8, which is not for the faint of heart if you're not used to trackers.

And otherwise the usual roundup of dsp's, such as delay, compressor, eq.