I have a ibanez Rg with the floyd rose floating trmolo thing and well this thing totally whooped my ass when I tried to change strings I installed strings no problem but when I go to tune it gradually the strings keep pulling the tremolo out and untuning the other strings?

Any help would really be appreciated email me @ Candyman00000000@yahoo.com

Or I will check back here.
i dont know much about flyd roses but im pretty sure you do some tuning at the bridge
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your new strings are likely bigger gauge than your old ones, you are going to have to do some adjusting, if its got the ZR system i am completely stumped, but if its a floyd rose type, your gonna have to tighten the trem claw on the back of the guitar.
you should ask a professional to show you because it is quite tedious and frustrating to change strings on floyd roses
Yeah I think it made me look differntly at it but it still pulls up that idea basically stops it from going down every time I tune a string it pulls bridge out and untunes the one before it,.

And yeah I was thinking but this thing is a bitch I was hopeing I could just get it working with out haveing to do that I know how to put strings in just the stupid tremolo

and yeah I got some earnie ball tens I think the factory standards were 9s that sucks.
Thanks for the help and yeah this stuff is complicated as hell my old ibanez was take of the rear panel slide string through hole.