Hey guys. So im FINALLY getting my new amp in the coming weeks. DSL100H and a 1960AX.

Just one question. Ive tried the DSL head in a nearby city and thought it was fantastic but it was through the ol' 1960A. Im actually getting a 1960AX (greenbacks) and im just wondering if im going to experience any problems with it, seeing as how its rated at 100w. Am I going to get insane feedback/squeeling if I turn the dirty channel up a lot, or should i be fine?

You should be just fine.
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Should be fine. Have you tried a cab with greenbacks in it before? They're not for everyone, I'd suggest you try one with the DSL before you buy it to make sure you like it for sure.
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Nope. 100 watt JCMs + a 100 greenback cab have been a standard for a long time. DSL's are probably rated more leniently than 800s anyway. If you crank it ALL the way it will be putting out more than 100 watts, but you should be fine.
Keep in mind that speakers are rated for "more" than they say they can handle. My Red Fang has a power rating of 30 watts, but can handle up to 60 watts. Same with the Greenbacks, because that means they can handle an amp putting out a bit more than a 100 watts.
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