I'm a bass player. (Just had to say that to semi-get rid of my "noobness")

My friend is in debt and getting rid of a bunch of s*** and he had an old electric I bought off him for $20.

My brother tried it out and said, "Are you sure that's a full size guitar?" so I measured the neck from the end of the 21st fret to the nut. It came to 18.5".. or 17.5", one of the two.

My friend also has a Godin guitar which I told him to measure, he said it was 19.5" from the nut to the end of the last fret.

They're all tiny to me.. can someone help me find out the difference between a kiddie guitar and a normal guitar?
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that is a sick avatar, i think the diffrence is 2, or 1
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Only 1" or 2"? I should also say the Godin has 24 frets, the one I bought has like 20 or 21.. it's in my basement and I'm about to go to bed so I'm too lazy to go check the exact numbers!
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the number of frets makes no difference. i dont remember the sizes for a full guitar but if it was a half you would definitely be able to tell. 3/4 may be a little harder
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what brand of guitar? some are smaller than others.

its a kiddie guitar you would RLY know, the upper frets would be tiny. it may just be a smaller scale. or maybe normal. i would help more, but my guitar is downstairs and i seriously dont feel like goin to go measure it. sorry
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my guitar itself is about 18 inches or so (no ruler, estimate) and its an epi SG with 22 frets

it would help to post the brand too.
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