Im gettin an Epiphone Les Paul and i was wondering which is better Standard or Custom and why?
Hi mate,

The standards are the cheapest range (except for like those ones that you get in starter packs n ****) and the custom is abit more expense but has better machine heads etc. So if youve got the money, go for the custom coz they look better too
I would say the classic as opposed to either. It has a much hotter tone (the standards seem bland to me,) and is cheaper. The neck is also thinner and quicker than the others, but that is only personal preference. It is cheaper than the other two as well.

But between the two i would say the custom just because of the tone. Play all three and you will understand, they are each unique and have different feels to them. While i recommend the classic and then the custom over the standard, i know people who like the tone and feel of the standards. Just try um out, but make sure to test out a classic. You might like it, i did and i bought one. (it was my second guitar.)

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i don't think there is a difference except for the looks.

if you don't mind spending a little bit more money, then get the custom. (the custom looks better IMO)

but if i were you, i would save up and get a real gibson. epiphones are good guitars, i actually have one, but i kinda wished i would have saved up and gotten a gibson.

but you can do whatever you want.
get the custom.. its a nicer quality.. you'll notice the difference.. i personally wouldnt buy an epiphone under a custom model they just arent as nice as they could be
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there is no epiphone classic, but go for custom, I have a standard, and they are a good intermediate guitar, but they dont always get the sound I want.
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I would say the classic as opposed to either.

I think he may be talking about Gibsons... Im not sure .

But I'd go for a Les Paul Custom because I hear they tend to sound better more than the Epiphone Standards.

Im saving up for a Custom!!