That made me laugh. I really really hope that page was a joke.
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Wow...I'm a Christian, but this is offensive to even me. Look at the front page to see how ridiculous this page is...
LOL! At first, I thought it was fake. But the more I read, I thought 'someone put a lot of time into this entire site' so I thought it might be real! But a quick look at the front page proved it was fake That's hilarious.

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Warned for trolling!

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Queen: backward-masking, drug abuse, homosexuality, cross-dressing, perverted lead singer dies of aids at 46

Thats the funniest one.
I think the funniest one was how Ozzy had a whole list of offenses and the last one was that he has a scary face
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Haha, the AC/DC one was gold.

"promotes pedophilia, guitarist dresses as schoolboy."

and apparently Jimi Hendrix "hypnotized people through music using voodoo rhythyms and caused rebellion and violence".

I hate fundies so goddamned much.
There ain't no moral to this story at all. Anything I tell you very well could be a lie.
Beach Boys: "One band member drowned when he fell drunk off a boat"


Also since when is rebellion anti-Christian? Wasn't Christianity based on a rebel?

EDIT: "Lennon called Jesus a 'garlic eating fascist bastard.'"

Best website ever.

Britney Spears: bi-sexual ***** "feminist rebellion" <--- Britney Spears
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"Madonna: bi-sexual whore" (?!). Typical christian, mercyful opinion.
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Billy Idol: rebellion, fake crucifixion in "Hot in the City" video, mock crosses in "White Wedding" video, has ‘Idol’ as name (Blasphemy - There shall be NO Idols before God)

this is the funniest one.

Is this serious or a joke?

Elemedit: Nevermind I found funnier ones.

Suicide: promote suicide

White Zombie: Anti-Christian imagery, Singer looks like a Zombie (Not a good role model for impressionable children)
What kind of parents need to be told that a zombie isn't a good role model
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Rest in Peace, Troy Davis and Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis and Eric Garner and Mike Brown
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I'm sure Hendrix was chuckling when he wrote "If Six Was Nine." But it's really just a pun on the fact that the song makes heavy use of 6/9 chords. This crowd should recognize that. You DO know your 6/9 chords now, DON'T YOU?

It says Van Halen is 'extremely offensive and harsh sound, produces a spirit of hatred and anger' wtf?
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Iggy Pop/the Stooges: bloodletting at concert

^That's all they have on Iggy. I'm shocked.

Rolling Stones: recorded song "Sympathy for the Devil" on Their Satanic Majesty's Request,

^Get facts straight, k?

Pink Floyd: lyrics about rebellion

Really? is that all?

And of course all black metal bands, as all promote Nazi, pagan and anti-Christian ideologies. And hundreds more...

Guess they got lazy near the end......


Guns 'n' Roses: music caused Virginia Tech Massacre

Wait, what the hell?! To even suggest something like that.......I'm flat-out pissed now.....
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if this is real i feel sorry for this man, but i want to see his face when he finds out his imaginary pie in the sky doesn't really exists.
Bad Religion: objectionable band name, objectionable album art (Back to the Known)

thats it????

EDIT: Crass: crucifixion-themed album art (Christ the Album, Yes Sir I Will)

THATS it?????????????????
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thats a load of bull**** i did not read all the bands but the thing that pisses me off the most is the acdc thing and what it stands for and the funny thing is is that i listen to all the "bad" music and dont feel like changing
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Bad Religion: objectionable band name, objectionable album art (Back to the Known)

thats it????

EDIT: Crass: crucifixion-themed album art (Christ the Album, Yes Sir I Will)

THATS it?????????????????

That's what I said! Not even a mention of "Reality Asylum"?
The most idiotick part ''Band-name AC/DC purportedly stands for Assault Christians Destroy Christians.'' F*** you! crazy christian idiots just try to stop the strongest force in the world LONG LIVE ROCK'N ROLL!
I honestly dont know if this is supposed to be a joke or not....but just for the record, not all christians are like that, I'm a christian, and I think whoever wrote that stuff is insane if there serious.
Wow that wins the stupid thing ive ever read award.
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