Well I brought a new dimarzio d-activator (bridge) and asked my friend (who says he has experience with wiring and such) to install it in my Ibanez IC200.

He gave it back to me today and I quickly strung it up and played a bit. He switched the up and down switch. Up in now bridge and down is neck. It was the opposite before. I played an E and it sounded like! The neck still sounds fine, but the bridge sounds like crap! It constantly hums and is really really thin and trebly. Sounds like a strat with the treble all the way up. I took a cellphone and started playing some music and put it on the bridge pickup, first on the left poles and then the right. There is a difference in the sound produced. When i put the speaker over the right one, it sounds much more drained and thinner. In the neck pickup, the sound coming out from the amp is identical in both the left and the right.

I'm gonna ask him to look at the wiring again, but seriously... what did he screw up on?

I'm clueless...
he probably didn't have experience.

just kidding. iono how the d-activator works, but maybe he wired them out of phase?
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He just reversed the wiring on the switch, for one. As for the other problem, he might've improperly soldered the wires or didn't use the correct color coding. I'd also check for cold solder joints. In other words, take everything out and do it over.
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^Yup, sounds like the switch is backwards and the solders are poorly done. Make him re-string it and test it next time. I always test a guitar I'm fixing for somone before I give it back.
He says that he just flipped the switch cuz he had taken it out to fix it, but he says he'll take it back this weekend and fix it properly. He also apologized throughly. Anyways, is there anything else I should ask him to be careful about when he fixes it?