This is an acustic peice I wrote from my girlfriend, I started shortly after our 1 year anniversery.

"Like a hole"

Stand up straight
Take a deep breath
My mouth is dry
My hands less of steady
I don't know what to say
I don't know how

My voice is trembleing
I get a little nervous
When I see your pretty eyes
Looking back into mine
I want to run away with you
See the world in your arms
I would do anything
To keep the smile on your face

Now baby I'm in love
Please don't be scared
Because I promise my heart beats for you
I'll spend every breath so you see

I know that you know
this is why we're here
You may not realize
You may not see
But you're everything to me

I can't help but think
that you're the one
I can't help but fall asleep
and dream of you
If you take my hand
I'll prove it to you

I can't fall out of this love like a hole
Will you fall with me?

Really cheesie I know...Thoughts?