Hey UG members. Obviously, I'm new to all of this. I have been holding the guitar for about two weeks now. I am playing a La Patrie Concert acoustic which seems to be useable. I also purchased a DVD along with a book that follows the DVD. I have only gotten 3 basic chords down ( G, C, D ) and I am wanting to move forward but the DVD isn't helpful at all. Any advice on an easy way to understand tabs or any helpful advice on learning to play? Thanks in advance.
In my experience, get a teacher. You'll learn so much more than just reading from tabs or internet lessons. Sure, they're fun, sometimes easy to learn, and you'll make progress. But with a teacher, you'll get some background as in to why some musical compositions are in a certain way, and you can ask all kind of questions.

So go to your local music academy and sign up!

Good luck!
If that's the way you learn is by having someone show you how, then for sure a teacher is right for you. For me, though, I bought a chord chart that showed me all of the basic chords, chord variations, and what chords were in what key. Then I just picked it up by playing tabs and fooling around, and by reading online instruction, mostly from this site. Good luck to you!
not sure if this is much helpful but what i did was start out with easy tabs, and eventually you'll get to the point where u wont have to count the frets anymore.

but by all means, if u can get a teacher then do it

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Thanks for the advice. I will definatley look into the chord chart and I am also planning to take lessons from a local guy starting next week. Thanks again.