so i dont really feel like going to school today because i'd have to walk through a foot and a half of snow to get there. i'm going to call myself in sick but im not sure what im supposed to say exactly, eh?

edit: im calling as my dad.
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oh if your calling as you dad say
''his ass is mine today oh boy he might not be in for the week''

"I am ______ my son ___________ is not feeling well and will not be in today."

l0lz, I have a snow day today.
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use what your parents would say.


"hello, yes i'm ****'s father, just calling to let you know that he's sick and wont be able to make it today."

and as my mum always says "never complicate it, always keep a lie simple"

edit: oh... well **** you too....

dont call in, forge a note the next day its easier and less likely to get caught. get someone else to write it for you shouldnt be that hard
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Do you have to actively try to spell words that wrong or does it come naturally to you?

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You are very clever.

I invented this literary device I call sarcasm, that was an example of it.
"Hi, this is dad I mean Mr. *last name*. I, I mean my son *first name* can't come to school. I'm, I mean he, is sick. Thanks.:
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i wish i could do it, but we don't have a home phone, so i'd have to steal my mom's phone cause thats our listed home number!