STOLEN Custom Guitar with Seagull inlay on the headstock

Contact: kristopher.larson@gmail.com

This is a one-of-a-kind guitar, built by Kristopher Larson at The Loft in 1979. It was stolen along with an Ibanez electric guitar and various amplification equipment.The guitar is slightly darker than in the pictures, but essentially the same. Hardware is gold and brass. The Loft logo, a mother of pearl Seagull inlay on the headstock. Has Quilted/Burl Maple top and headstock. Hand carved floral pattern on neck and headstock back. A reward is offered for information.
could i possibly see pics of the guitar? cause i will keep my eye out for it on the forums i frequent. just want to make sure i know what im looking for.
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Ughhh, that blows. Post some pics bro, im sure im not the only one who looks at this site plus harmony and ebay and music go round and etc.........daily. We are a community here and helping to look out for each other is what keeps these sites healthy.
Hope hes in CT so i can help.
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yeah, post some pics dude, that way we can keep our eye out on the various forums we all frequent.

Sorry for the loss.