Yep, posted yesterday.
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I onece dumped a girl that I was seeing who already had a boyfriend... So anyway she put on like a stone and i dumped her telling her it was because i felt really guilty etc etc.

But really it's cos she got fat!

No fat chicks !

Please let it be under control.
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Mastering your instrument is being able to play whatever you hear in your head, unhindered by inadequate technique. After that, it's all about what you've got to say, so there would be no "best," just a bunch of people saying exactly what they mean.
That's a real shame. I'm a great fan of his books, even my username is from one of his books :p Hope he'll be ok.
Thats a true shame! His books are fantastic, hopefully he'll be okay.
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If I had sex as much as you said the word "shit" I would be paris hilton.

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I have never felt closer to either cheese or weasels

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Damn, I hope he's fine in the end. I loved Hat Full Of Sky.
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Fais wins at life

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I just heard about this today.

I'm sad now

Welcome to last year. It is sad though
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rich_sg, I promote you to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. of the Pit. way to speak your opinion.

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RICH_SG you are a filthy person for accusing me of dirty trolling , you are a stiff coconut
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Welcome to last year. It is sad though

The chances are I forgot.

I hope this does not mean I have Alzheimers.
Imagine what his new books will be like... they'll be the same thing.

Yeah he's a great author and my grandmother has the same thing, it terrible
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You are god, floppypick


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According to BS statistics, 92% of teens have moved on to rap. If you're among the 8% who doesn't consider rap to be real music, donate your brains, as you clearly aren't using them.
Old news, but still very sad. I have all of his books, and I love every single one.
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How young would you consider no-pedo attempt
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I hope there will be enough time to wrap up some of the characters storylines,look what happened with the Wheel of Time series.

Jordan left awesome notes and audio references and the book should be finished by the end of this year, ready for publication fall 2009, as Brandon Sanson is finishing it.

Unless you're referring to the quality of the books... I still enjoyed them, no matter what anyone says.