I came up with a theory just this morning that eBay is going to crash within the next year or so. The shipping prices for items are going to become so outrageous (not that they already aren't), no one is going to want to buy or sell anything because they will just end up loosing money.

I could be entirely wrong, but let me know what you think...
I don't want to loose money! That's almost worse than losing it!
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I think that with Craigslist.org, I'm surprised that Ebay is still used in the US
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I hate Ebay, but Craigslist still doesn't have the reach or name recognition to hurt much. The thing that makes me want to not sell on Ebay is the freakin' 6 percent I lose to them and Paypal on everything I sell!
Shipping prices aren't determined by eBay, just by stupid sellers who try to make a profit by tripling the cost of shipping.

Common sense makes most people stay away from sellers that charge more for shipping than the actual product...
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well, yeah that too, but shipping prices are skyrocketing in regard to all the carriers
Shipping prices are set by sellers. Sellers respond to public demand. When people stop paying, prices will drop accordingly, as in every market.

I don't find shipping to be that bad either. Of course, you get all these "antiques" from China where you think "My GOD! An antique chinese sword that gives you the power of a dragon to slay your foes, as done by (insert asian-sounding name here) 4,000 years ago! And all for 99p!!!!!!!" when the shipping is about £100-200. But if you shop around you'll get decent prices. I bought a guitar off ebay and only paid £7.50 from down in england, and I've gotten free shipping on guitar strings and other small items.

Craigslist = gay. And shipping prices aren't really that bad, as long as you shop around. People who have problems with ebay are mostly people who-
1.Don't pay attention to what they are doing.
2.Don't pay attention to whether the item is going to be a ripoff going on a slow boat from china.
3.Don't pay attention to the seller's rating.
4.Don't take the time to shop around.

Oh, and ebay is an auction site, it is NOT amazon or craigslist.
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you set teh shipping price regardless of how high or low the real shipping is........?
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you set teh shipping price regardless of how high or low the real shipping is........?

Yes, sellers set the shipping price. Some sellers have standard rates, where you pay a set amount regardless of whether the shipping should be more or less. I've generally found that it seems to work out cheaper that way though.