Hey people.
I got a problem with Palm muting my strings, when i play like...

( drop d or c or whatever you want )

* * *

Like, palmuting all the 0's....
What do i do ? If you want to hear a song, that is using that technique, listen to any song, with just a little Metalish sound :P
( When Darkness falls by Killswitch engange, Listen to the Verse )
The tab for the verse.

PM - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ( Pm all the 0's )

EDIT : Arhhh the PM - things got messed when i posted it, but take a look at this tab :
Look at the verse, that kind of playing without PM and then playing a note with and so on
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It's hard to get used to it, but you'll need to be aware of your palm while playing thrashy stuff like that. Play the riffs slowly, get used to the motion, drill it into your head, and do it often. Muscle memory will eventually kick in and you can do it faster.
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You palm mute the 0's the same way you would playing any other set of cords at the same time. Rest the side of your hand on the strings close the the bridge, and play. It takes time to develope if you're just starting out.

To play fast, you play slow. When you start a song with some decent speed to it, play that song really slow, until you can play it without thinking about where to move your fingers. When you don't have to think about where to move your fingers, you've gained that muscle memory needed to increase the songs speed.
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muscle memory.
keep playing it.
slowly, slowly
until you can play it without thinking
then start speeding up.
Well, Thanks for the advice And i learned a new term :O Muscle Memory :O !
Thanks alot folks
Esp Eclipse II VTB :i i fucking love her.
Gold and black on 1 guitar = succes
The chorus to Gears of War by Megadeth is just like that, except with legato slides worked in. Just keep practicing it. In a few weeks you'll have it down and more stuff very similar will be easy as well.