I have a squier strat, 3 single coil pick up guitar which suits me fine but since my friends and i formed a bandthe hum from the pickups has become really annoyning and we are going to play some gigs hopefully. i was wondering whether i should buy some new pick ups for the guitar or buy a new one.
A new guitar might inspire you too play better or at least that seems to work for me so shoot for that and if you can't get a new guitar then new pickups will help out as well
I've been thinking about dropping a "Single-Coil" Hummbucker into the bridge position of my Strat in order to play more rhythm and distorted parts. You could do something like that, though it would be a waste to drop $100 pick-ups into a Squire.
noise suppressing pedal, thier like 15 bucks, it worked for my buddy who had a squire Strat
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if you want a hummbucker get the strat hss or "fat strat" it has 2 single coil pickups and a hummbucker. i have SCN single coils and they are as noiseless as you can get. great pickups
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I don't know if the Squiers have a middle pickup that is reverse wound with reverse polarity, but if so positions 2 and 4 should be significantly quieter. American Stratocasters and many other types are wound this way. Mine is.

The inherent problem is that you have single coil pickups, not humbuckers. The coils act as antennae that pick up 60 cycle hum. The Squier models are low end. This means that the electronics are not shielded very well at all. You could do that work yourself by getting some shielding materials from a place like Stewart MacDonald (www.stewmac.com). But it takes some work to do it. You have to remove the strings and the pickguard. If you aren't comfortable doing something like that then it's not an option.

As somebody said earlier, you could buy a new guitar. Expensive guitars are well-shielded. But even a guitar with good shielding is likely to hum a little if it has single coil pickups.