My Laney AOR second channel, the distortion, its noticable quieter now.

I got told to check the fuses.

I have little idea about guitar amps.

Is this normal? Not my little knoledge, the fuses in the pic.

Theres the tinyest wire ive seen in my life which ive tried to show. No sure if its connected to anything.

Took a picture of their home too.

Any help muchly appriciated.
I don't know much about that amp, but the HT fuses are usually related to the powertubes right? I would think you might not get any sound if the fuse was blown. A faulty powertube can also cause volume drops though. Those fuses still look good if the thin wire isn't fried, although it could be at the ends. It's thin like that so it can melt easily and stop current flow to protect other components.

Have you tried swapping around the preamp tubes associated with the channels? They can be used for gain stages, which if faulty, could cause less OD. Try to get your hands on a schematic, or see if the manual tells you which tubes are associated with which channels or gain stages. Then try swapping the preamp tubes around and see if it happens on the other channel. The first tube is the input tube(V1), and the last in the line will be the phase inverter/driver tube. If it was a bad input or driver, it would usually affect everything, not just the second channel, so unlikely it's those.
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that thin wire Is the fuse. if theres a short circuit it will cause too much power through that wire, causing it to burn and 'pop' so nothing else in your amp does.

if you look at the fuse, generally speaking if you can still see that the wire is healthy, or simply not completely dead, it should be fine.

plus, symptomatically, if the fuse were to break, the amp would simply not work. it may or may not turn on depending if the Mains fuse popped, but if the smaller, forgot what it's called, fuse popped, you wouldnt get Any sound.
Cheers for that, so that pretty much rules out the fuses as the cause. Ive replaced all the tubes inside it and found that it has done nothing for the OD.

Next thought is its a more expensive problem...

Getting scematics aint easy, i cant read em either haha. Shop time me thinks.