I took a stab at writing a song on the piano yesterday and heres what I have so far. I added some simple lead, bass, and drums. The vocals still need some work I think, and I realize the mix is a bit wierd. I'm looking for any other criticism to improve it.


Crit for Crit
Actually its not to bad at all
i would work on the bass a little bit..

Your from sc? haha so am i

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Song sounds great, could definitly see myself listening to this; u have a great little piano rift going there, lead voacals sound great too and really suite the song.

The back-up vocals seem to be a little off for some reason and at time 2:05 when the guitar breaks in, personally id go for a little bit more, maybe not a full guitar solo there but at least a bit more.

other than those two things i think its a great song u got going there, keep it up.
Thanks! Yeah I plan on doing more with it, I had wanted to play with harmonics in the song so the guitar wasn't too fancy there... but thanks for listening guys!