i know that UG is mostly a guitar thread, but does anybody like rap, please reply so that i feel important, and leave your favorite artist if you have one.

rap sucks

Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm.
this kind of things really need to be closed asap...
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I like this guy's thinking.
i like hip hop, breakbeat, and oldschool rap like before 2000. im not too fond of new radio rap or crunk. i also hate R&B i hate it.

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lmao XxGloriousxX is a genius

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You guys fail. Except for you Glorious. You win.

Once again.
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I would shoot them to death yes, but trying to aim for non-leathal, hoping they live.

which one is it Guitarfreak777?
NEW rap sucks, and shouldn't this be in bands and "artists" as they like to be called?
MC Lars FTW!
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Thats love.

Date idea?
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Sneak into mordor
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At least you're thinking out of the box.

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Come over to the "other" forum in bands and artists, you'll find likeminded (i.e awesome) people there.