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sophomore in high school... what age that is
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I'm 17 and still haven't:/ I don't think I'm quite ready to play a gig yet either, even though a lot of people tell me I'm good, people who know stuff about music would know>>
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15 for a school talent show. 300 people maybe? Was a surprising turn out, more came than we expected


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16, for just over 400 people. Was good, but I have stage fright.
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15, for somewhere between 400 and 500 people. It was an exhilarating experience, standing in front of them and nailing our songs. Best feeling ever.
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I was 15~16 and playing 6~7 songs for a 20~30 persons crowd... not too sure!
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13 but it was just a vocal performance from me to about 150 people.
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11 or 10 i am not sure
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this is sad but...

i supose it was when i was 7, i played in like a school band thing to like 200 people. I was lead recorder

Not sure if that counts but in a band playing guitar it was june this year, 16 years old (as i am now)
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19, did a solo acoustic set....
well, it was only 6months since i first picked up the guitar...

I've done a few many more performances and college gigs since then. Yet to do a proper full on gig.
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Quote by 6cradle6of6filt
I was only 11 i bet im the youngest

You're wrong? I played my first "gig" at eleven as well ^^
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On guitar i played to the high school in a jazz band during a lunch a month ago (i'm 14).
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12 for a jazz band at a summer music school program my town has
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First was when I was 12 to a bunch of a bout 75 ten and eleven yearolds lol. We played green day. First REAL gig was last month, aged 14 to about 200 people. Great experience!
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Hmm, first gig was likely when I was 14 at a talent show. First gig with set was with my band as a 16 year old. I have been playing in a jazz trio for a little while now too and we have just had a ton of gigs lately and more to come. There are actually for banquets like background music, but even still, 400 people watching you play is pretty sweet. The 100 dollar check was pretty nice on top of it all
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If you count School Band.. 12. As for "garage band".. 16.
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I was 9 years old PLay at downtown post 64 here in Buffalo,Ny My dad play santa claus there I was playing the squeez box back then but the main them was Here come santa Claus
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16. played all along the watchtower for this band cos i was the only good lead guitarist in the area
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little kids trio at the age of eleven at my keyboards ( i was ubernoob back then) as for actual bandwise.. haven't had a gig yet but it's coming before I turn 18 :P