So I just finished reading Of Mice and Men for my English class and our teacher assigned us a few project choices and one of them was to pick six scenes from the book and make a soundtrack for it as if you were making a movie and explain why the songs fit. Obviously, I cant take the songs from the movie but I already I have a few ideas in mind:

I would put "Breathe"by Pink Floyd as the screen is still dark and as soon as the scenery begins to show the whole band kicks in and as Lennie and George first appear on the screen( Stepping off a buss or coming out of the bushes or whatever it is) David Gilmour starts singing "Breathe. Breathe in the air.." None of the songs will be played in its full length ofcourse but as soon as George and Lennie are about to being talking the song will fade away.

On the closing scene I would put Cavatina by Stantely Meyers(John Williams's version though) starting right before George tells Lennie to take off his hat and to turn around before he shoots him and that will play up until Lennie falls down to the ground and dies.

Thats what I have so far. ive been thinking of other songs but I can think of any. Im going to rent the movie this weekend to find similiar songs and so i get ideas off of them. Does anyone have any othe rsong suggestions for any of the scenes? Comments? Any help is appreciated...

Thanks in advance

P.S Some one always asks this so Ill say it before. Im in 10th grade. The class is English 2 Honors
haha i did the same for frankenstein when i was in 10th grade english.

How about Megadeths Of Mice and Men? For their long road travels.
Eli, The Barrowboy by the Decemberists. Give it a listen, it'll fit in very well in many places in the book, up to you to decide really.

And the trippy intro to Light My Fire by the Doors for when they shoot the dog.

I just created your whole soundtrack.
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you could put Hurt by johnny cash in there somewhere, like at the end scene where he's off in the train again or something.
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use Boom by P.O.D. for when george caps lenny. pod sucks but its funny.
Listen to CKY.
Gloomy Sunday by Billie Holiday at the end, the most depressing song I know.

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He aint heavy he's my brother HAS to be on there, from what I remember the song is based on the book?
when curlys wife is introduced you can have 'dirty' by christina aguilera (sp?)
Heart Cooks Brain - Modest Mouse
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Stairway when Lennie Gets Shot?
Ramble on [as cocacolabottle suggested] when they step off the bus
EDIT: When Lennie busts Curlys' hand play the rocky theme tune
and you could also, for bad taste, play the final countdown when george tells lennie to take the hat off
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