Formed in August `07 Guillotines are a three-piece band from North Dublin, and are fastly becoming one of the hottest and most exciting bands on the Dublin gig circuit, playing a mix of indie / alternative rock & acoustic music. They draw from a long line of musical influences with many varying styles, which can be heard in the varying melodies and razor sharp delivery of their songs. With a demo recently recorded in Elektra studios Dublin, and a debut E.P planned for the new year, 2008 will be the year of the Guillotine!!!!
Not content with going with the flow or conforming to convention, Guillotines have been working their way to the hearts of the people and have left many venues awed and crying for more. Armed with an arsenal of songs influenced by the likes of Radiohead, R.H.C.P, Joy Division, Gang of Four, The Libertines and many more, Guillotines look set to succeed where many bands have failed before.
So head over to the Myspace or Bebo page, check out the new Demos and become a fan if you like what you hear.

The King is dead, long live Guillotines!!!!!!!!!
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