Okay, so holidays are coming up, and I desperatly need a new amp. Right now, I'm playing out of the p.o.s that comes in the Epiphone Special II player pack. (Yeah...) I'm looking for something with decent cleans, and good distortion. I play metal, grunge, heavier stuff basically. It also has to have enough volume to play small gigs with (<30 People). My budget is around $250 - $300, and I don't want to buy anything used. I was looking at This behringer, but I've heard bad things about them. However, it seems to have alot for the price. 60w, built in effects, built in tuner, it doesn't seem to bad.

Also, after all this, my birthday is coming up in february, and I was looking for a new guitar (Again, I am stuck on a Epiphone LP Spacial II). I do like the sound of epiphones, and personally would like to stick with them. I don't really have a budget for my guitar since I'm getting a new job, but I don't really want to be spending more then $350. Also, I can't really stand "metal" looking guitars, I prefer playing something with a classy look. Which is why I personally am in love with This SG.

I just want to get people's opinons, especially on the amp. Unless there is a major flaw with the guitar, I'm pretty set on this one.
ur gonna have a tough time finding a gigworthy amp for 300$
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