At guitar center, I was going to get this pack that they had with a Laguna guitar and a Line-6 amp....

how well known are Lagunas, and are they good?
ive never heard of them before.


its origanally $350 new, but in shipping, it got a SMALL nick in the back (i actually looked in the pack), i mean it is MINIMAL!!!!!!

but because of that they lowered the price $100!!!

and even just the uitar new is $300
They're a fairly new company. My friend got that same guitar. It's pretty good for the price that you're paying IMO.
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The amp is a no-no. You should look at the Roland Microcube instead of the Spider. About the guitar i have no idea
yeah, i got that kit, the guitar is pretty good for what it costs, but the amp is good. i definetly am going to get a better one soon
The Spider III is, regardless of what other people say, a decent STARTER amp. And Laguna, despite its guitars' prices, seems to make some very quality guitars. I'd say you got a good deal.
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