Well, my current amp is ****- all it has are 'volume', 'gain', and 'tone' knobs. I want one with all the basic settings- reverb, etc etc. My budget's maybe 300 bux(pushing it).

Basically, what should I look for(brands etc), and are there any particular amps I should get? Keep in mind, I play a lot of different stuff- from Dethlok and Rammstein to Cream and Jimi Hendrix.

Any tips I should know before I start looking?
have a good idea of what you're looking for.
listen to thunderhorse, red house, sunshine of your love, etc. a hundred times
until you have that guitar sound stuck in your head
then try out a bunch of amps until you find one that you like
I can't stand watching people waste their money on horrible gear.
For under $300 you could probably get a decent and pretty versatile solid-state amp. Line Six are about the cheapest but are decent sounding. But tube amps are what really sound nice, and to get one of those that can go from Blues to Metal can be expensice. If you're not a tone freak, try a line six, try some of the slid state Fender amps. Just get to a guitar store and try stuff.
The spiders are decent, not as bad as people say it is... but i would reccomend the valvetronix or maybe a roland cube, see what you like
The Roland Cube is a pretty versatile really cheap amp. Modeling, Effects, EQ, pretty much does most things at least alright.
the vox amps are great. one to look at is the da15 (it's a decent modeling amp that i've heard good things about on this forum) or the vox ad15vt. However, i haven't actually played either but have heard great things. If they are as reasonably priced and nice as i expect, i will be buying one or the other sooner or later.
I heard solid state werent nearly as good as tube amps...

I'm a bit of a tone freak, yes, in response to a question, so I'm making a big deal about this. After using an amp that picks up radio signals that are louder than it's tone, I want something decent, y'know.

Thanks for all the suggestions, I'm going to GuitarCenter this weekend to look into all of that.
Crate and B-52 are often overlooked brands that are quite good at metal...I recommend not overlooking them over Peaveys or (shudder) Marshall MG's.
thats a tuff price range, heres my thing, B-52 make crap, its unrealible and way too muddy, crate dont even bother looking at a SS crate, maybe a v series, stay away from anything that says spider because they are infact as bad as we make them out to be. my best bet would be vox, roland, maybe a used peavy combo, or if you can get a hell of a deal a used marshall combo, my best advice would be go into a shop with you main guitar and test it through amps, mess around with the eqs, see if they will let you crank them up a tad if its a tube amp, but always take your main guitar.
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