I Been playing guitar for a couple of weeks now so i am not very god yet. Does anyone have any suggestions for easy songs i can learn. I would prefer something in rock thnks.
it's more and or completely metal but for whom the bell tolls by metallica
right now since you're not seasoned at all i'd just start learning main and chorus riffs and try to wait on solos until you know scales
Intros and riffs to learn:
smoke on the water by deep purple
iron man: black sabbath
back in black: AC/DC
school's out by alice cooper
other cool more well known riffs are usually easy to play unless they're know for their amazing hardness *that was obvious right?*
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Its been 2 weeks dude, its going to take alot longer to get the 'feel' of it, if your playing guitar just to impress some people don't do it at all. Don't you have any favorite bands? Songs? Look for the tab.

You'll only get better with time.

With that out of the way I suggest you play some nirvana songs or the usual bunch of metallica, or the usual ' beginner' songs.

I think UG has a begginers section of tab... don't quote me on that.
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