Everything was good in Song 2 up until measure 10... Then when you go to the C octave (15/18), it sounds weird. I liked it until those last few beats of that measure. Everything else was good.

Everything was good until 53-57 in Song 1.
It sounded garbled when the rhythm guitar stopped chords and went into a melody.
wow these kick ass
this is some really unique progressive stuff you have tabbed
Thanks for the opinions guys, I kinda posted these hoping someone would be interested in starting a band doing this kinda stuff with me.
hey man, love tha songs. On song 1, you should label the parts with the rehearsal notes so that we know what's the chorus, the verse, interlude, stuff like that, ya know? it just doesn't seem like its linked together well, almost like you came up with a bunch of licks (REALLY good riffs) and stuck em together. I liked how it faded out at the end, the chord seemed perfect for the rest of the song. I think you coulda done a better job slowing down at the end, it just doens't seem right to put sixteenth notes against eighth notes, and than smack whole notes right in front of it.

song 2, i love how measure 6 going on, you do the syncopated, percussive opens and 1st frets, and then the little runs down the fretboards. sounds like two guitars. Again, i thougtht the transitions could be a little bit smoother. other than that, it sounds great.

Can you play both of these?
Check out my music, if you please.
Pretty much, I've got to get the solo's back up to par, my discouragement in my musical endeavors has left me lacking in will to practice.
Definitely like both the songs, song 1 a lot more than song 2, I think just because it's a lot smoother.

My main point about song 1 would be at measure 53, where it sounds a bit too uncontrolled in my opinion, maybe some chugging riff on a low string in the background would add a little more solidarity to it.

As for song 2, I love the chords and some of the runs down the fretboard, but parts of it sound a little too disjointed for me.
Those are songs are freaking amazing seriously. i loved the first one the best and spent quite a while mastering that verse riff, and the chorus (or wat im assuming is the chorus) sounded insane. i seriously could have mistaken that for a dream theater or symphony x song...loved it
Thermadisraeli makes Jeff Loomis mess his pants.

Seriously, your stuff is amazing. I listen to it and I cannot help but hear something Nevermore would write. You must keep up this amazing work.
that was amazing!! i could not stop listening to it

but can u play it on guitar?
bar 2 and 3 in song 2 sounded VERY lamb of god inspired. specifically Laid To Rest
Really good. It has a good atmospheric sound to it. It really reminds me of Nevermore at certain parts, mainly because of the B tuning. I would like to hear this played on guitar. The octave part sounds kind of weird on song 2, but I think it's just because it's on powertab and not being played on real guitar. Crit mine? http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=790639
i just listened to song 2 yet
i liked it .. it sometimes sounds kinda old school
bar 10 is weird. there's something out of key i think
and that riff starting at bar 11 sounds generic.
all the riffs are good, but nothing special. better than most other known bands though.
nice solo btw.
Sorry for not critting any of your stuff earlier, but I had loads of stuff to do...
This is some pretty good stuff, reminds me of Death alot. I listened to song 2 and it was really good, except I thought that the chords that guitar III was playing at bar 17 sounded a little off...otherwise it was pretty epic sounding and a solid job.