to play with your pinky instead of your 3rd finger?
I try and try to play with my 3rd finger to form power chords, but It hurts after a while, because I need to strerch my fingers alot. I'm more comfortable with my pinky, and some people said i was wrong. Is it?
It's not wrong to do anything. If that's how you feel most comfortable and it's not making your technique worse, then do it.
in fact i think it might be better since most people are reluctant to use their pinky.
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its much better to use your pinky imo because it also helps you with bar major chords as well, because you use your 3rd finger for the 3rd interval.
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Yeah ive been playing for a few years and use my pinkey for them usually. Easier and works your pinkey alot.

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You should also practice stretching with your third finger though cause you'll need it eventually. but as long as you can do both it doesn't matter. I play octave chord with my pinky.
I use my pinky for the power chords below the tenth fret or so.
It really depends on your hand structure.
Using the third finger is uncomfortable for some people.
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I as well prefer using my pinky instead of my ring finger. Just feels a whole lot more comfortable to me. Though I have developed strength on my ring finger jsut in case. Jusy play however the hell you want to play.

And for those who say that your technique is bad... Tony Iommi would like to have a word with them.
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To be completely honest i think thats not a bad thing at all. personally i had a lot of difficulty getting my pinky finger to cooperate and yours is working for you then more power to yah! Do what feels right for you
Ask Tommi Iommi. The pinky isnt the strongest finger so many just dont use it as much. Ive done alot of fret board exercises to get my pinky stronger. As for a right and wrong way to play guitar, thats news to me. They said the same thing to clapton when he wanted to turn his amps up in the studio. Im sure they told hendrix he couldnt hook up 2 fuzz pedals in series. Whatever works for you.