I started out playing guitar but bought a bass a few months ago and have been having a lot of fun learning that..the only thing is I try to play it like I do with a guitar (pentatonic box, bends, etc) and it just doesn't sound bass-y.
What are some basic bass techniques I can learn to be able to improvise and lay down some decent bass lines? I know the notes on the fretboard and all having played guitar, but I dunno...it just hasn't gotten me as far as I thought.
5-stringer btw.
Learn some groove based styles like funk or hip hop stuff.
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Why don't you start trying to learn walking bass lines? What about chromatic passing tones? Octaves?
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Learn to slap, that'll incorporate lots of techniques like octaves and mutes too.
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Learn everything you can about the groove.

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Fingerstyle, that starts your tone in the right direction, and like they said, walking bass lines.