I'm going to be traveling to the US next week for Christmas/New Year's, and I would like to purchase a guitar with the following features during the trip (as guitars are rather expensive in Japan):

- 6-string acoustic electric (on-board tuners optional)
- Thin/Small body preferred, as I find dreadnoughts to be cumbersome
- "Full-size" guitars (no Little Martin/Baby Taylor sized stuff)
- Sturdy enough for road/air travel and resistant to humidity/temperature variations
- Material doesn't "have" to be wood
- Price of $500 or less, although I'm a bit flexible

So a couple of models I have been considering are:

- Ovation GC057 or CC28
- Martin 000CXE or 00CXAE (although I've read not-so-positive posts on these)

Anyone else has any suggestions?

Just as a frame of reference, I own an Ovation Elite T 1868T-B and a Yamaha AXP700-12. Given that these guitars are of solid spruce top, I'm hesitant to take them out on the road (although the Ovation is pretty durable as it is, especially with its coating on top and what not).

Thanks in advance.
seconded on the Alvarez. Also I know a lot fo guys who swear by Takamine A/E's
For those of you recommending Alvarez, are there specific models that are particularly durable for travel?

As for Ovation, having owned a few over the years (including one now), I don't need to be convinced of that.
Look at Blueridge BR143 which is the equivalent of Martin 000-18. I own the BR240 and you won't be disappointed with the sound.