I've been seeing some interesting projects lately, including my own. I want to see what cheap guitars that have modified up to par. Pics are good..

Mine's A $400 Squier MB-5 modded with DiMarzio Ultra Jazz pickups and some good strings. Plays like a dream. I lowered the strings a bit and put on a lighter set, and you'd never know it was a Squier. I've actually had people complement me on the sound before...on a Squier. Made for a good story when I got home..

Before. Old pic...notice the absence of studs on the pickups.
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ya, i got myself an ibanez iceman 2nd hand 4 $425nz and stuffed in an emg 81/85 combo, plus those strings that 'dont rust'...... METTLE!!!!!!!!!!!! =p
Nice. How's it sound?

edit: lol I was starting to worry...this thread went 20 minutes in the pit without even a stfu
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I turned this :

Into this :

New To Town With A Made Up Name

In The Angel's City

Chasing Fortune And Fame
Nothing much, I defretted my cheap Stagg bass, put new electronics in it and put some nice D'Addario flatwound strings on it. It worked really well, play's really nice too...
so far im modding the **** outa my first axe. i might get some SD Blackouts
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