i need help in choosing an amp.
i need it for home practice
i play a7x, iron maiden, bulllet for my valentine....
no budget
CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!! which one to buy????
please help
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^ Pretty much.

A used 5150 combo off eBay would be pretty good. If you need nicer cleans than that (it has them and they're usable, but some people want them to be cleaner) then a Randall RG50TC would do. Also, JCM900s are pretty good for that kind of thing.
You don't need a Marshall, you know...

But I gave you one anyway. The JCM900 is a Marshall amp. Still, there are better amps than Marshalls out there. Especially if you're outside the UK - they're not exactly worth it in the US.

Also, the B-52 AT112 combo is a good choice, too.
those for hoime practice? They'll blow the walls down at any volume louder than 1
^ You, uh...you aren't quite correct, actually. They're loud, but that's an exaggeration.

My JCM900 is 50 watts and I have the gain on 13 and master on 3.5 when I play and it's not too loud.

Besides, there aren't too many high-gain amps that are low wattage and don't cost a bomb, so it's the best option really.
Oh my bad.. I just read the No budget bit and got over excited.. Although im gunna say if you're only using it for home practise it most likely aint gunna do metal that well. Perhaps a used mesa f-30 or a Bad Cat 5-10 watter of some sort?

Edit: Yeah and the Soldano wont be any louder than the 6505 suggested before. PLus the overdrive is largely from the pre-amp.. Still wouldnt recommend it if you're only gunna use it for your room though.. kinda a waste
teb what are the prices for NEW:
peavey 605
randall rg50TC
marshall JCM900
b-52 AT112 Messa F-30
Bad Cat 5-10
No budget?

50 Watt TripleDrive Supreme from Fuchs.

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